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Transition Plans is owned and operated by William Stalter, an attorney who’s law office in located in Prairie Village, Kansas.  Our commitment is to provide fundamental and affordable estate planning documents to residents of Missouri and Kansas.   
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A durable power of attorney (DPOA) will allow your financial affairs to be handled while you are away traveling, or when incapacitated.  The DPOA can help avoid a costly guardianship.
Health care issues are more prevalent during our golden years, and your doctors will require someone to consult with when you are temporarily or permanently incapacitated.
With a living will, you can direct the medical care you want, and relieve caregivers of decision- making burdens that would otherwise occur during moments of crisis or grief.
We each own our own right to control the disposition of our own body, and a Right of Sepulcher Designation will relieve family members for difficult decisions during moments of grief, and avoid disputes among family members.
Durable Power of Attorney
Health Care POA
Living Will
Right of Sepulcher
The costs of a funeral, a grave space, a marker and burial services may vary substantially from community to community, but your final arrangements will very likely cost more than $12,000. 
Final Expense Trust
The costs of funeral and burial arrangements continue to increase at rates that exceed the cost of living.  Planning for your final arrangements is an important step towards controlling those costs.
Pre-Paid Funeral
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